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All vaporbrothers come with the ceramic Natural Mineral Vapor Brothers Vaporizers.

VaporWarehouse is the authorized online retailer of the Vaporbrothers® vaporizers! The originators of the box vaporizer over 10 years ago Vaporbrothers continues to be the most popular vaporizer.

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Q: What makes the Natural Mineral Ceramic Element the best on the market?

A:The new models feature both new heating elements and redesigned electronics. Other vaporizers use wire wound heating elements, using a limited number of pure materials, or attach ceramic elements using metal or toxic glues. The new Natural Mineral Heater is made with a ceramic heating element and redesigned power control. People find that the new model heats up quicker, gives smoother draws, and tastes clean. It is more portable as well, providing more heat for demanding applications, and tolerating nonstandard treatment from such devices as inverters, generators, and travel converters without burning out.

Q: What type of material is your heating element made from?

A: Our heating element is made from a dense glassy ceramic called porcelainite, which is formulated from pure clay along with other basic elements. Vapor Brothers spent 2 years working closely with a research institution to design our NATURAL MINERAL HEATER to be clean, safe, and reliable. You can vaporize with peace of mind knowing that all our products are factory tested and 3rd party lab verified to assure you a toxic-free experience.

Vapor Brothers

Vaporbrothers invented the glass on glass box style vaporizer over 10 years ago and since that time they have worked tirelessly to continue to lead the industry through art and innovation. Don't be fooled by knock offs the Vaporbrothers is the Original and THE BEST. Fully re-designed this orginal vaporizer is now better than ever. 5" tall and 3" wide and made of beautifull wood this vaporizer is truly a classic and will outlast any vaporizer in it's class. The vapor brothers uses an external hand piece where the herbs are placed and the hot air is drawn from the unit over the herbs creating the vapor. The vapor brothers is a great home unit that can sit on your desk and not stand out. It provides great hits at a good price and will provide many many hours of vaporizing.

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