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Vaporbrothers Glass Hydrator - Precision (We found 2 units!)

The Clear Precision Hydrator was Vaporbrothers first clear glass hydrator. Packs small. Features a fixed downstem and removable mouthpiece.
Price: $119.99

Made by Vaporbrothers
Availability : Discontinued
This item has been discontinued

Vaporbrothers Clear Precision Hydrator™

The Vapor Brothers Clear Precision Hydrator™ allows you to filter and cool the vapor from your Vaporbrothers Vaporizer by drawing it through water. Convert your existing Vapor Brothers whip® to a Vaporbrothers Clear Precision Hydrator™ with the included 19mm Ground Glass Elbow Adapter. Customers with sensitive throats and lungs will find this addition to their vaporizer invaluable.

Standing at 8" tall (from bottom to top of the mouthpiece) the Vapor Brothers Clear Precision Hydrator™ has the Vaporbrothers® logo etched into the glass. Both the 19mm Ground Glass Elbow Adapter and 14mm Ground Glass Mouthpiece are removable allowing for different configurations when used with other Vaporbrothers® 14mm and 19mm Ground Glass adaptors

The Vaporbrothers Clear Precision Glass Hydrator™ is more like a constant hydrator with not much to clear. It is the smoothest tastiest coolest experience possible with vaporizing. Especially recommended it for vaping solid material.

Pick up a 14mm ground glass adaptor, an extra hose, and a mouthpiece to use in place of the included mouthpiece. This set up will allow you to leave the hydrator on a flat surface so you don't have to hold it.

Requires a Vaporbrothers® Vaporizer and Vapor Brothers Whip® each sold separately.

Vaporbrothers Clear Precision vs. Mini Hydrator

Vaporbrothers Mini Hydrator
Vaporbrothers Clear Precison
Bottom Circumference
7 7/8"
8 1/2"
Upper Circumference
6 3/8"
6 3/8"
Body Height
3 6/8"
4 1/8"
Height with H2O Adaptor
4 7/8"
6 5/8"
Height with Mouthpiece
8 5/8"
Diffusion Slits
Downstem Adaptor Size
14mm Angled
19mm Angled
Removeable Downstem
6.1 oz.
6.6 oz.
1 - Clear Precision Hydrator 1 - 14mm Glass Mouthpiece 1 - 18mm Ground Glass Adapter

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Overall Customer Rating of 4.66 out of 5 in 2 Reviews
Austin, TX

Nice design, a bit pricey

Fantastic, easy to use. I use half the herb compared to my Volcano with the bag. Bigger pulls + less irritation = happy trails. Thanks VW and VB!



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Great piece that gives huge clearable rips compared to drawing off a hose alone. Get the 14mm adapter and another hose. I took the coozie advice from an earlier review and it's perfect. Cut a small notch for the 14mm side and you have a perfect fitting case.