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Acrylic Grinder

Lightweight but durable this price conscious grinder has a surprisingly strong magnet and features a pop off base that reveals a small storage area.
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Acrylic Magnetic Grinder

When using a botanical vaporizer, one of the most important steps to ensure proper vaporizing is to grind the material prior to filling the vapor whip. If the material is lumped together they may restrict the air flow, providing a poor vapor performance. With a box style vaporizer, like the Vaporbrothers, it is important to use a coarse grind. The Magic Flight portable vaporizer performs better with a fine grind. Using a grinder can help achieve these results conveniently.

This is a very basic grinder that features acrylic shark teeth blades and translucent acrylic body. The bottom has a storage compartment. More convenient than scissors or fingers.

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Overall Customer Rating of 4.66 out of 5 in 2 Reviews
Los Angeles, CA

Decent for what it is


I got this grinder as a free bonus with the vapor brothers vape I purchased. It's actually better than most plastic grinders. The teeth are pretty close together so it grinds it down pretty good. Definitely nothing compared to a metal grinder with catch on the bottom, but not bad for what it is.

Will buy again


Pretty handy and inexpensive grinder. It does it job even after 3 years and outside pieces missing to it!