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SSV Sidekick Portable Herb Vaporizer

This American company makes the best portable herb vaporizer that we have ever tried! Sidekick has a generously sized ceramic bowl and an innovative way to stir the contents while you vaporize. We love the unrestricted inhale and the ability to get full vapor hits without fuss. The vapor path does not smell like plastic or electronics and the whole path is cleanable.

Sidekick warms up and stays hot from when you turn it on until you turn it off, or when it times out. For this reason you will have much better battery life if you turn the unit off manually after taking a few hits. Keep two sets of batteries on rotation between the vaporizer and the charging station (supplied with the unit.)

Sidekick comes with a handy bag full of tools and a concentrate dish.

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Made By 7th Floor / Elev8

    The latest update of an American made portable vaporizer that hits better than any we've tried so far. Airflow is not restrictive like all other portables. Now with a simpler bigger battery that lasts longer.

    Our recommendation after using both models: Get Sidekick version V1 for good hits at a decent price, or get V2 for a better battery and some tighter fitting parts.