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VaporWarehouse Non-stick silicone container
Retail: $4.99
Price: $1.50
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Item #: 8140 -

    This little silicone case is great for storing everything from make up to concentrates. Non-stick and made from food grade silicone. Features the VaporWarehouse lotus logo screened on the top. Approx. Dimensions:Outer Diameter: 1.5"Inner Diameter: 1"Height: .75"

    Subscribe and Save!  Replacement Nail Heater Subscription vape pen accessories, nail heater, atomizer, vape pen heater, vapor pen heater
    Price: $1.49-$2.99
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    Item #: subscribe-nail -

    Vape pen nail heaters used with a glass globe, tube or other fun vape pen accessories (like the VB Mini Viper) are considered a consumable part and should be swapped out once in a while.  The appropriate time to renew your heater will vary based on frequency of use and type of product used.  The highest quality wax/thick oil your budget allows is the way to go.  Product should be free from plant material to avoid combustion on the coil (you will see ash on the coil when...

    Acrylic Grinder grinder, shredder, acrylic, storage area, magnetic grinder
    Price: $4.99
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    Item #: 9605-Orange -

      Discontinuing shortly: Get our better grinder hereAcrylic Magnetic Grinder When using a botanical vaporizer, one of the most important steps to ensure proper vaporizing is to grind the material prior to filling the vapor whip. If the material is lumped together they may restrict the air flow, providing a poor vapor performance. With a box style vaporizer, like the Vaporbrothers, it is important to use a coarse grind. The Magic Flight portable vaporizer performs better with a fine grind. Using...