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Conduction Vaporizers use direct heating, touching the material, to heat to the point of vaporization. Conduction vaporizers are generally less expensive than convection vaporizers and have an increased risk of combustion.

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VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer
Price: $329.00
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Item #: 9415-Evo -
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We are saddened to hear that VapeXhale is closed! An open letter on their site mentions the supply chain difficulties that claimed this fine OG business. We wish the best for them and hope that this somehow becomes a false alarm. We realize how difficult it is to source glass and custom OEM components lately. Our stock of replacement parts is already depleted :( We are waiting to hear what repair options VapeXhale has in mind for customers. Inquire with us any questions. Thank you. New...

PAX 3 Portable Vape
Price: $199.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 9639-PL-PAX3 -

    PAX 3 - The most stealthy and stylish vaporizer we know Simple on the outside but highly evolved on the inside. Pax is a hassle free portable that can go with you anywhere. It's physical size is as small as it gets. (4" tall) Users often inform us that they carried a Pax in their pocket into establishments and events without issue (not guaranteed of course) As long as you keep it clean the Pax will serve you for up to 10 years. We don't repair Pax so please seek...

    PAX 3 Portable Vape
    Price: $149.00
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: 9639-PL-PAX2-V2 -

      PAX 2 - Dual Use Vape The PAX has quickly become one of the most popular herb vaporizers available and now the PAX 2 works with concentrates (requires Concentrate Insert) as well as loose leaf. This portable vaporizer will become your new favorite companion on the go and at home. Unprecedented Quality High-performance from the inside out, PAX 2 features medical-grade materials and a built-in rechargeable battery, for a reliable experience time and again. Backed by a 10-year warranty for added...