Dual Ceramic and Single Quartz Vaporbrothers Skillet Heaters

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More skillet heater options are available for your Vaporbrothers VB Eleven Pen!

If one coil gets the job done, two should do it better right? Right! The same logic goes for the new Dual Ceramic Vaporbrothers Skillet Heater. Two ceramic wicks with titanium wire coils are seated in an extra deep chamber bringing you even heavier hits from your vape pen experience.

And let's not forget the energy clearing qualities of the quartz crystal. Wax hits from the Vaporbrothers Single Quartz Skillet will provide such a clean hit, it feels like the first hit every time. The Single Quartz skillet features titanium wire wrapped around a quartz crystal rod seated at the base of an extra deep chamber.

Each new skillet option comes with a hole in the cone for maximum air flow control.

Pro Tips:

- The extra deep chamber is great for holding more product. However, keep your fill tool on hand in order to scrape wayward material that gets stuck to the higher sides.

- If you purchased a VB11 pen kit, these new skillets will not fit your cone. You must use the cone that comes with the quartz or ceramic duo cartridge. This is the reason we are only offering the 3-in-1 (cone, mouthpiece, skillet) at this time.

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