Quick Guide: Vape Pen Skillet Cleaning and Care

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Heaters can make or break your vape pen experience. Follow the basic guidelines below to enjoy your vaporizer to it’s fullest:

Product: Choose the highest quality concentrated product your budget allows. Wax is most preferred as it’s easier to manipulate and manage. Oil is ok to use as well, you just need to be more careful as the consistency can be a bit runny. The clearer the material the better. Too much plant material found in lower quality products will combust on the coil and gum up the works pretty quickly. The VB Skillet Heaters are for vaporizing concentrated materials only, no dry herbs.

Filling: Less is more. Overfilling can clog skillet and affect draw. Use a fill tool to scoop up wax and lay very carefully on top of the coil. Do not push product down into the skillet, applying too much pressure can unseat the coils. Allow product to melt into the coil. If you have a syringe, apply directly onto coil without applying any pressure.

Power: The Vaporbrothers Skillets are made for 3.7v, using a higher voltage battery is possible but may shorten the life of the skillet. Be sure the maintain clean battery contacts. Product can get on both heater and battery contacts and should be cleaned regularly with a cotton swap and Isopropyl Alcohol.

Self-Cleaning: Never dig inside of the skillet heater, the coil will come unseated very easily. If you must clean product from the bottom of the skillet, use the battery and skillet like a self-cleaning oven. Simply take off the cone and mouthpiece, place heater on battery, turn upside down, and press button as many times as needed until product drips out. Be sure battery is charged as this will take some power.

Deep Cleaning: If you would like a more thorough cleaning, grab some ISO (91% or higher if available) and fill a small dish with a quarter inch of liquid. Soak dirty side down in liquid for a few hours or even overnight. Dunk in and out of liquid to loosen residue off of coils. For very dirty coils with a lot of dirty grime, take out of alcohol, let dry completely, and then run hot on battery and crud will burn off.

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