Proper Vape Pen Battery Care: 4 Easy Steps

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Your vape pen battery seems simple enough, and it is! With these quick tips you can prolong the life of your battery and have a more enjoyable vape experience:

1. Lock your battery when not in use. Not only will this help conserve battery power, it will avoid accidentally turning your battery on. Nothing worse than having all your concentrates vaporized without you. Simply click the button really fast until it blinks to tell you it's shutting off, repeat to turn back on.

2. Keep contact and threads clean. Sometimes material will get onto the contact, put some 99% Isopropyl Alcohol on a cotton swap and wipe it clean. Be sure to swipe around the threads too.

3. Use your case. Not your pocket. A "pocket break" is easily avoided when the pen is carried in the provided case. We know this may not be the most convenient way to travel, but it sure will prolong your battery life and reduce hazard. We have heard horror stories of pocket break batteries catching pants and even purses on fire. Not a common occurrence but it has happened, be careful. If you must carry in your pocket, take the heater off the battery and this will help to avoid pocket breaks.

4. Responsible disposal. We at VaporWarehouse try to be as green as possible. To help limit our environmental impact, we are launching a vape pen battery recycling program. Some cities provide battery recycling as part of their regular recycling program. Many cities in the US, however, still do not offer easy battery disposal. Sign up for our mailing list to be alerted to details on the program, coming soon!

As always, you can reach out to us with any questions. Simply comment below, call, or shoot us a message via our live chat system.

Vape on!

J, AJ, Rae

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kyle charron July 12, 2015 9:37 PM reply

nice thanks

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