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Subscribe and Save! SSV/DBV Screens - 15.8mm

10 Pack of stainless steel replacement screens for New DBV Vaporizers and All Silver Surfer Vapor Whips.
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Made by 7th Floor / Elev8
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  • Fits SSV/DBV Ground Glass Whips
  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • 15.8mm

This 10 pack of stainless steel replacement screens is from 7th Floor and designed for use with Silver Surfer (SSV), Da Buddha (DBV) Ground Glass Whips. 

This size fits DBV's built since 2020

This size also fits all SSV Whips, both Conical and Spherical type.

Clean screens are crucial for best vapor performance.

Subscriptions cannot be discounted.

10 - Stainless Steel Screens