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Standard Vaporbrothers Whip® - KNOBBY - 11mm (NOT Hands-Free) Reviews
Review Summary (3 reviews): (Avg: 4.6)

Very Bad


Most Helpful Reviews
5/5 Vaporizer Review
I got deez cheeeeseburgers mahn

Reviewed By B. Gastreich Mission Viejo, CA

Pros: Awesome whip. My favorite of all the aftermarket whips. Provides extra grip for glass on glass contact, and simply looks better than stock. Newcomers always comment on it. BUY IT

Cons: Really? none

Other Thoughts: Cut the hose a little bit; too long stock
4/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By T.B. Strongsville, OH

Pros: grips well and looks awesome.

Cons: The screens don't seem to fit well and aromatherapy product always sneaks past it.

Other Thoughts: double screening fixes this issue but is a pain
5/5 Vaporizer Review
hands on

Reviewed By r.t. pine river, MN

Pros: didn't have vaporizer very long before i almost burned my mouth, so got the knobby whip, my hands are arthritic and i don't see so well, so it's perfect with the knobs easy to hang on to

Cons: none