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Vaporbrothers Whip Hose - High Temp Silicone - Black

OEM Vaporbrothers whip hose is made from medical-grade, high-temperature silicone. Black color looks sleek and clean for the long term. Recommend for use with glass hydrators or bubblers.
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Made by Vaporbrothers
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  • Medical Grade Tubing
  • Remains Flexible Under Any Temp
  • Medium Hardness 70A

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Vaporbrothers Medical Grade Silicone Replacement Hose

Black  hose gives your Whip a luxurious feel while never appearing dirty! We've come to prefer this material for concentrate use and for color glass.

Vaporbrothers silicone hoses are heat resistant and have been formulated harder and thicker to reduce kinking.

Medical grade silicone hose 44" long and custom designed for Vaporbrothers vaporizers. Silicone has a high temperature resistance, allowing for more durability around hot components. Silicone is not transparent and tends to pick up lint. It's slightly porous as well, so oil may migrate through to the outside. In return, it is incredibly durable for use with the vaporizer.

Inner diameter is slightly larger than standard tubing, increasing airflow significantly. (ID: .295")

Due to its additional flexibility this silicone tube is perfect for use with a Vapor Brothers hydrator.

Wash with isopropyl alcohol and/or hot water. (Dishwasher safe, but might retain the scent of the soap)

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