How to Clean a Vapor Whip

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Recommended items

1 x Dirty Vape Whip
1 x Ziplock Sandwich Bag
1 x Isopropyl Alcohol (91% or tiger for best results)
1 x Spoonful of Salt (optional)
1 x Sharp Blade (optional)

Clean Vape Whip, Better Flavor, Improved Airflow

A very frequent question we receive at VaporWarehouse is what is the best way to clean a vaporizer whip. This prompted us to gather up some really dirty vape whips to make a video showing our preferred method for cleaning them.

By following these seven simple steps you can have a clean whip and possibly even improve the taste and performance of your vaporizer as dirty screens can restrict the airflow.

The Seven Simple Steps Revealed

Step One: Using a sharp blade, remove the hose from the handpiece.
An option to cutting the hose, is to hold the hose where it meets the glass under hot water for several minutes then wiggle the hose off the glass.

Step Two: Put the glass or ceramic parts into a ziplock bag (sandwich size works best).
If cleaning a classic glass style whip, leave the stainless steel screen in the glass and it will get cleaned as well.

Step Three: Pour enough isopropyl alcohol into the bag until the parts are submerged.
91% or higher iso alcohol works best. The lower the percent, the longer you will want to soak the parts.

Step Four: (optional) Pour a spoonful of salt into the bag.
The salt will act as a mild abrasive. Recommended when using less than 91% iso or for super dirty whips.

Step Five: Seal ziplock bag and gently shake.
We recommend using a ziplock bag over placing the whip in a container to avoid banging the glass against hard surfaces when shaking.

Step Six: If possible let the parts sit in the iso bath overnight or for at least a couple hours.
Shake the bag from time to time to agitate the contents. For super dirty parts, like the whips cleaned in the last half of the video, you can soak a couple days.

Step Seven: Remove the parts from the ziplock bag.
If the iso is not too dirty, you can let the parts air dry and the iso will evaporate. If the iso is dirty, rinse with water. Let the parts dry completely before using the whip again.

The two whips on the left are before we cleaned them and the two on the right are after.

How Do I Clean the Hose?

That's a great question and we don't recommend soaking the clear plastic hose in isopropyl alcohol as this will cause the hose to break down and dry out. You can do a quick flush with ISO to sanitize the inside of the hose but don't let the ISO sit in the hose.

Try boiling a pot of water. After the water comes to a boil, turn the heat off, and place the whip in the water. You can try adding a grease cutting dish soap to help remove the oils from inside the hose.

I even spoke with a customer that used a wire brush cleaner that came with her backpack that had a water container and straw. The backpack came with an extra long wire brush to clean the straw. So check your local outdoor equipment store.

Leave a comment and let us know your preferred method.

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Edgar July 30, 2017 3:53 PM reply
<p>I have found that Simple Green is much less messy or sticky than alcohol.</p>

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