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Earn 5% VaporDollar Rewards

      VaporDollar Rewards

      • Earn 5% back as rewards points (aka VaporDollars) for every purchase*
        *excludes wholesale orders, select clearance, VB2 and Storz & Bickel items.
      • Earn bonus VaporDollars for reviewing products, sharing/liking on facebook, tweeting and more!
      • Use VaporDollars as a payment method at checkout to purchase products.
      • VaporDollars may be redeemed 30 days after initial purchase.

      How to Redeem VaporDollars

      Please note the redeemed VaporDollars are not displayed on invoice but they are applied.

      Frequently Asked VaporDollar Questions

      So what kind of things earn me VaporDollars?
      Besides 5% of every purchase going back to you as Vapordollars to use for future purchases, you can earn Vapordollar points for performing other fun activities online!

      Check it out:

      • Earn 10 points just for creating an account that will ultimately be your portal in managing said Vapordollars! Be logged in to your account while performing the other activities listed here:
      • Earn 40 points for submitting a review ($2 value)! Limited to one review per day for point accumulation. Of course you can submit multiple reviews everyday you just won't get 40 points each, only for the first one that same day. We have authority to limit the number of reviews submitted if abuse is suspected and no purchase history available for items being reviewed.
      • Earn 1 point for commenting on a blog post.
      • Earn 1 point for each of the following social actions (limited to once per day per action): Liking us on Facebook, Sharing us on Facebook, Sharing us on Twitter, Pinning us on Pinterest.

      How do I figure out what my Vapordollars are worth in USD?
      Some maths: # of Vapordollar points x .05 = $ Amount worth in USD
      Where can I see how many VaporDollars I have?
      Log in to your Account, choose My Account, scroll down to Rewards Detail.
      Can I pretty please redeem my VaporDollars before the 30 day pending term?
      Unfortunately, no. Our system does not allow us to manage points this way.
      So you're telling me I get 5% VaporDollar rewards AND free shipping for orders over $25?
      Yes, yes I'm telling you that!

        Terms and Conditions

        Points are active 30 days after purchase date.

        Vapordollars members may not utilize the Vapordollars program in combination with our affiliate program to obtain multiple promotional discounts. Purchases utilizing multiple promotions may have their VaporDollar rewards adjusted.

        Vapordollars are not valid from wholesale accounts.

        Vapordollars will not be earned on returned products or orders where the charge was disputed or refunded for any reason.

        VaporDollars will not be earned on any shipping costs including the free shipping credit for orders over $48.

        VaporWarehouse® reserves the right to invalidate any VaporDollars issued, members will be notified of the adjustment and the reason for the adjustment.

        VaporDollars discounts are subtracted before the order is totaled. To receive free shipping on orders over $48 the order total will need to be over $48 after coupons.

        VaporWarehouse® reserves the right to alter or discontinue this program at any time for any reason. All VaporDollars earned prior to program termination will be honored.

        VaporDollars are not redeemable for cash, cash value or charge card credit. 10 VaporDollar points minimum per VaporDollar transaction.

        If transaction amount is less than the VaporDollars credit, any remaining amount is non-refundable and will not be applied to future purchases or VaporDollars.

        All purchases made using Vapordollars will be reviewed upon submission for compliance with these terms and conditions.

        Note to Previous VaporDollars Rewards Points Members

        We changed shopping cart systems in late 2013. If you had accumulated VaporDollars prior to this time, you may have to create a new account. Don't worry, you won't lose any of your VaporDollars!

        Please call or email if you have any questions.

        *Purchase of Vaporbrothers VB2 Vaporizer and Storz & Bickel products, including the Volcano Vaporizer, are not eligible to earn VaporDollars rewards points. Wholesale orders do not accumulate VaporDollars.

        Our Privacy Policy may also be of interest to you.