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Vaporbrothers, Inc. makes every effort to assure that our products meet high standards, and warrants to the purchaser that the Dabbler or VB Eleven Pen is free from defects in materials and workmanship. Vaporbrothers will replace any defective Dabbler or VB Eleven component or accessory, provided the customer returns the product to us and gives us an opportunity to verify the defect by inspection. Vaporbrothers is not responsible for damage caused by misuse or abuse. Please note we are continually improving our warranty, so the terms may change without notice.


Battery: Limited Lifetime replacement for electronic defects. Return shipping to customer is free for the first 90 days after purchase within the U.S.A. After 90 days from original purchase date there is a $14 replacement fee. Applies to date of original purchase. Proof of purchase required.

Heater: 30 day replacement for defects on unused heaters only. We replace heaters that fail out of the box only. Heaters containing oils cannot be accepted for replacement. Return shipping to customer is free within the U.S.A.

All other components: (except accessory glassware): 30 days replacement for defects. Return shipping to customer is free within the U.S.A. Please report any problems in the first 3 days after receiving order.

Proof of purchase is required. The terms above are expressed in time from the original purchase date. Replacement of a defective part does not extend the warranty period.

Additional terms: Shipping outside the U.S.A. will be an additional charge and customer is responsible for all postage costs.


If you believe your VB Eleven Pen is not working correctly, please check to ensure that the pen is not locked or that the source of the problem isn’t something else, such as a broken usb adapter or charger.

In the event the Dabbler or VB Eleven Pen is defective, please contact VaporWarehouse® or call (855) 398-2767.

No registration, serial number, or RMA is required from you to use this warranty. Just let us know what you think is the problem and we will give you instructions on how to get the defective part replaced as soon as possible.

Purchases made directly through Vaporbrothers.com or VaporWarehouse® do not require proof of purchase as we can access order details.

Please note that as of 12/17/2014, all warranty replacements handled through VaporWarehouse® will receive a Vaporbrothers VB Eleven Battery as the Dabbler battery has been discontinued.

Due to changes and/or updates, the battery will be replaced with the current VB Eleven model. The replacement battery will be new or equivalent to new in both performance and reliability. In the event the battery couldn't be repaired or replaced with a refurbished, equivalent model, then you would be supplied with the nearest equivalent model.

Vaporbrothers® is a registered trademark of Vaporbrothers, Inc. and is used with kind permission.

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