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Vaporbrothers Dabbler Vape-Pen
Portable Vaporbrothers Vaporizer Dabbler by Vape-Pen
Vaporbrothers Dabbler Vape-Pen
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Vaporbrothers Dabbler

One originator meets another. The Dabbler is a marriage of the inventor of the vaporizer box (Vaporbrothers) with the inventor of the Vape Pen. The Dabbler features improved electronics in the battery and high quality materials in the heater that you just won't find in the cheap knock-off vape pens on the market. Not for dry leaf. 510 threads.
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High Times 2014 Buyers Guide - Best Standard Vapor Pen
• Advanced microprocessor control maximizes efficiency
• Glass Fiber Wick, will not burn like other wicks
• Inconel Coil, Ceramic heating chamber & stainless steel body 
• Pass Through Charger. Use it while it’s charging!
• Designed for oils and wax only. Will not work with dry leaf.

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Vapor brothers Dabbler Glass Tube Heater
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5' Mini USB Cable
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Dabbler Glass Wick Heater 3-in-1
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Non-stick Silicone Container
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Vaporbrothers Dabbler by Vape-Pen Portable Vaporizer

The Vaporbrothers Dabbler by Vape-Pen is Vaporbrothers first portable vaporizer designed and optimized for waxes, oils, and extracts only (not recommended for use with dry leaf). The Dabbler Pen Vaporizer is a cobranded effort between two originators in the industry: Vaporbrothers and Vape-Pen, Inc. The Dabbler is made from high quality materials and features a thick stainless steel body, inconel wire, and a glass fiber wick.

Before first use, fully charge the Dabbler battery. Once charged test Dabbler heater without oils. Used or loaded heaters ends warranty coverage on the heater.

Vaporbros Dabbler Portable Vape Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?
The Dabbler’s temperature controlled heating element rapidly heats the material to the vaporization point.

How long will the battery last?
Depending on use, the battery may last for days or weeks. It is a 650 mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery. It will last approximately 200-500 uses on a full charge, varying due to temperature and other conditions. We suggest you keep the battery charge topped up to prolong its life.

How many times can I use it after I load it?
Exact use will depend on the quantity and quality of material, as well as the size of the inhalation. Expect about 4-10 inhales from one loading.

Where do I get replacement parts?
Replacement parts are available from VaporWarehouse at a reasonable price.

Why won't the push-button LED light up?
You probably have the Push-Button Lock-Out feature turned on by accident. Push the button 6 times fast. The LED will blink 3 times to indicate that you have turned the battery back on. Resume normal use.

What material is the heater/wick made from?
1) Metal heating element - The coil is made from inconel wire that is better than NiChrome found on most pen vapes. 
2) Glass fiber in the heating core - The heating wire is wrapped tightly around these and as much as Vaporbrothers have checked into it- the fibers do not come loose or get inhaled.
3) Ceramic bowl around the heating element. Silicon Nitride- which is a "technical ceramic" like the Vaporbrothers box vaporizer heater or filter tip.

Before first use, fully charge the Dabbler battery. Once charged test Dabbler heater without oils.

Click here to view the portable Vaporbrothers Dabbler Vaporizer Instruction Manual.

Please note: Due to variations during production, Vaporbrothers does not guarantee that a black heater will work on a silver/filligree battery or that a silver heater will work on a black battery. Vaporbrothers recommends choosing the same color heater as your battery. 

Congratulations for choosing the next generation Dabbler!
This instruction manual should get you on your way to vaporizing in no time. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance. Vaporbrothers provides the sales and support for the Dabbler and backs all parts with a no-hassle warranty. Enjoy your new Dabbler Vapor Pen!

The Dabbler™ is an electronic device which employs special temperature and timing control circuitry to assure a superior vaporization experience. The advanced microcontroller is paired up with a high-capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery to provide over 400 uses on a single charge. Every material used in the Dabbler’s construction is of the highest quality, from the surgical stainless steel, to the ceramic heating chamber.

Our team is excited to share this new creation with you, the cutting edge connoisseurs of aromatherapy.

Where to Get Help:
Send all questions to Vaporbrothers support department or VaporWarehouse and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

Dabbler battery is backed by a 1 year warranty. All other parts are covered for 90 days. Warranty applies to factory defects only. No used parts are covered by the warranty except the battery. If you believe you have a defective product, please contact Vaporbrothers.
(Proof of purchase is required.)

Getting Started: Please take a look at all the parts in your kit. Dabblers are thoroughly tested, but if you think a part is defective, please let us know now, as we only replace unused items. (except battery)

Charge your Dabblers™ fully before first use to avoid damage to the battery. The mini USB charging port is at the bottom of your pen under the cap. A red light will turn off when the charge is complete.

Screw the heating cartridge to the battery.

Using your Dabbler: Push the button 6 times rapidly to unlock your Dabbler.

Using a Pick Tool, place a small amount of your material directly onto the heating element. Be careful not to dislodge the heating coil if your extracts are highly viscous. The Dabbler will handle up to about 1/8” around (4mm).

If the material is not staying in place, push the button briefly to melt them onto the coil.

Screw all parts of the Dabbler together and inhale lightly while pushing the button. You may push up to 10 sec at a time. After 10 seconds, the Dabbler will turn off momentarily to protect battery. LED will blink 8 times to indicate the battery is off. After 2 seconds of rest time the Dabbler is recovered and ready to use again.

Unscrew the Dabbler to visually inspect the bowl. The heater will last a long time if you don’t let it run dry. Keep the charge topped off to maximize performance and preserve the capacity.

Important note:
Do not operate the Battery for extended times when there is no material on the Heating Coil.
Do not expose to shock, temperature extremes or moisture.

Unscrew the Cone from the Heating Assembly and check the Coil visually to determine how many repetitions are left.

Cleaning the Dabbler: This is an electronic instrument and is sensitive to water or moisture. Wipe outside clean with dry cloth. The screw threads around the Ceramic Bowl can be carefully cleaned with isopropyl alcohol swabs.

Push-Button Lock-Out Feature:
Push the button 6 or more times rapidly, and the button LED light will blink 3 times to indicate that the battery is turned off.

Note when the Lock-Out is activated, the LED light will not shine and Heating Coil will not heat up.

Push the button 6 times fast again to turn the Battery back on.

Storing the Dabbler: Store it in the Case whenever possible for best protection of the device.

Activate the Lock-Out Feature to save the longevity of your Battery and Heating Coil.

Warnings & Disclaimers:
The statements on these instruction pages have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

The product listed is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This is for informational purposes only, as we are not advising or prescribing aromatherapy for any specific medical condition or for any specific use. Consult your doctor before starting any aromatherapy regimen.

This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including any person under the age of 18) with reduced physical sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

The appliance is only to be used with the recommended vaporizing medium. The use of other substances may give rise to a toxic or fire risk.

The device has hot surfaces to evaporate the active ingredients and these surfaces should not be touched during use.

Contents of the Dabbler by Vape-Pen, Vaporbrothers Portable Vaporizer kit:

• Battery with Built-In Charger
• Heating Core with inert glass fiber wick 
• Stainless Steel Cone
• Mouthpiece
• Pick Tool (glass or metal depending on stock)
• Mini USB Adapter
• Case

Before first use, fully charge the Dabbler battery. Once charged test Dabbler heater without oils.

Product Reviews

Vaporbrothers Dabbler Reviews

Review Summary

  Average: 4.75 Total Reviews: 16
heater coil broke in less than one day
Reviwed By: spartan939
<p>the dabbler is great vape pen when it works. mine stopped working in under 24 hours because the coil came disconnected. now i cannot use my dabbler and had to purchase another heater, but they were out of stock of just the replacement heater and the glass one as well so i had to buy the three in one cone and mouthpiece kit just to use my vape that shouldn't have broken at all. I really liked how it worked at first and im hopping that this next heater will at least last a few months or it will be my last vapor brothers product.</p>

Awesome Vape!
Reviwed By: Andie
<p>Very clean tasting and efficient, the charge can last over a week! This pen feels really sturdy and has a case that can easily fit in your pocket to take anywhere, i take mine hiking and its perfect! Also this pen can give you some big hits! The customer service is amazing too, I couldn't be happier with my dabbler and would highly recommend it to anyone! :)</p>

Excellent Product
Reviwed By: HighConsumer
<p>I have always wanted to own a vape pen so I did a lot of research and the Dabbler was the obvious choice. After buying and using it, I have no regrets what so ever.</p>

  • Very easy to conceal
  • Excellent for social environments
  • Quality is unparallelled
Quality built
Reviwed By: rdcvcrcr Brandon,fl
<p>I had an atmos and an AGO...crap. I need a device that works on command and not half the time. Pulls perfect every time. Battery lasted a full week before dying on me and NOT DYING IN ONE DAY LIKE THE ATMOS! This is a quality built product, you can't go wrong with vaporbros!</p>

  • Quality
  • Battery life
  • Case
  • works on command
Best portable vaporizer on the market!
Reviwed By: Happy customer!!!
<p>I really love this product. I went through 2 other "name brand" products and wasted money, chanced off-gassing of none food grade products, and in general was very displeased.</p><p>And then I found the Dabbler. Not only do I love the actual way the product works for my concentrates, but I really like the compact stealthiness when it is in its case, as well as its classy look when in use. I have had several people amazed by its huge hits but as well as its great looks. Everyone who has tried any other pen on the market has just fell in love with mine after trying it.</p><p>Then there is the Vaporwarehouse customer service. I ended up with a pen that the battery glitched out on and they had me a new one within the week, really fast! They were knowledgeable, friendly, and sent me the new version battery replacement. It is hot faster, and such a great new replacement. Thanks AJ!</p><p>Thanks for a great product! So happy!</p><p>Two product tips, search cleaning the atomizer online, it works great and is cleanable, and my favorite tip is...if you remove the black mouthpiece, the pen will sit upside down in a 14mm adapter on my scientific bubbler. Works amazing!!!</p>

  • Quality
  • looks
  • portability
  • cleanable.
  • Nothing buy it!!!
Best Vape Pen Ive Tried!!
Reviwed By: CYarbs Washington, DC
<p>Coming from a someone who owned the GPen, the VaporBrothers Dabbler is a million times better! The quality difference has already blown me away, and I don't think I could ever go back to silica wicks. </p><p>Dabbler for the win!</p>

  • Craftsmanship
  • Looks
  • American Made
  • Glass Wick
  • None
Best Vape ever
Reviwed By: DabbinDabbler USA
I'm in love with my Dabbler. I've used the Cloud, the trippy stick, the g-pen, and an atmos but nothing delivers the cleanest biggest rips like this pen does. Loading is easy and takes less than 5 seconds. i can pack a decent amount of extract in it. The simple design of the heater is awesome, and i also bought the glass tube heater which is my favorite, watching it milk up is pretty sweet, seeing the massive rip is awesome, and its still a vape pen. AMAZING 5 STARS

Best Vape Pen
Reviwed By: Shawna Arizona
I absolutely LOVE my Vaporbrothers Dabbler! This pen was made to last. Smooth hits and the battery last FOREVER. I've had other brands of vape pens and paid about the same price as this one and they all were not made half as well as this pen. You truly get your money's worth. I also bought the upgraded glass dome and I can get over what a big hit I get with it.

  • Long lasting battery
  • Made with quality materials
  • Stylish
  • Good hit
Love It!
Reviwed By: Loopmaster Dave
I absolutely love this pen! I've been using the Vapor Brothers box vaporizers since 2001. So when I decided to add a vape pen to my arsenal of smoking devices, I was stoked to find that Vapor Brothers had just come out with this new pen, "The Dabbler" and it does not disappoint! It's very easy to use, and breaks down neatly in this cool little case provided for travel. Trust me, if you try one of these Dabbler pens you will want on! Best of all is that it's a Vapor Brothers product, so if I ever have any problems or questions I know I can depend on their outstanding customer service. Yes sir, Vapor Brothers has done it again! Thank you!

How a vape pen should be!
Reviwed By: JoeKickass
This is everything you want in a vape pen, and even though the heater is load-as-you-go it will hold a lot of extra so you can just load a bunch of wax and go at it for hours!

Great Product
Reviwed By: RyanLP
This is my first time ever using a vape pen. I have to say that, so far, I made the right choice on this thing. I have no complaints. Some people might not find the bowl size to be ideal. But, I have found it to be just fine. It's an awesome little device and it works amazingly. If your looking for a vape of this nature, you will not be displeased with the Dabbler!

  • quality
  • size
  • price
  • overall look of the device
  • stealthy
Great choice
Reviwed By: Oiram SoCal
All I have to say is that these pens are the bees knees. Fat dabs!!! Very sleek looking and it's great if your on the go. When I ordered the pen, I thought I would be receiving a flimsy pen but instead I got a sturdy, heavy pen. Satisfied after trying it out for two days straight. Thanks Vaporbros/warehouse.

All I use now
Reviwed By: JL
I got this vape pen right before a trip to Hawaii. Just to be safe I took the dabbler, my ophos and my omicron. Once I got there I loved the dabbler so much that it's the only thing I used. It's been the only thing I've used since. I've had my dabbler since March and have only gone through two heaters, so I guess I've been lucky cause I've read about people going through heaters fast. Overall this thing has changed the way I vape for good.

  • ease of use
  • speed of vaporization
  • cost a little higher than other pens
Great Vape!
Reviwed By: Clockspinner Seattle
<p>If you want an efficient way to vape, something that will make your vape smooth tasting, and seem to make your mixture last forever, this is the product to have. In addition to its ability to make vaping easy and highly efficient, the battery lasts, and overall quality is excellent.</p>

  • Efficient
  • Well Made
Reviwed By: JK
This is a great portable vaporizer..I highly recommend it...

  • design
  • efficeincy and portability
  • none
Decent not great.
Ease of Use:
Reviwed By: JD
To start off, I was sold a broken Dabbler. This required me to spend my own money and time to ship it back to them ($15). Be warned off the bat, if you are sold a broken one you have to pay to send it to California!

Anyways, the white fibers that run through the heating unit are AWFUL! They they tangled up in your medicines and make it a huge hassle to lo0ad and re-fill. After about 2 weeks, the fibers had completely burned off. This was disturbing for two reasons. First off, those mesh fibers keep the coil in place, so when they burn off the coil becomes very loose and difficult to use. Second, I am pretty sure I inhaled all of those which cannot be good. It all burned off while I was trying to use my product resulting in me inhaling god knows what. Once the white mesh fibers were gone, my heating unit only lasted another few weeks. Then the coil just falls apart. With nothing to keep it in place it becomes an enormous pain to use. Then it broke. The coil just stopped working. It is completely coming apart so know I must order a new heating element.

This could be a good product if it was designed to be durable and long term. Unfortunately after a month or two you will notice some major design flaws. It has a very poor heating unit and the batteries are very prone to malfunction.

Overall this product has cost me a lot of extra time and money. I am sure there are better products out there.


We are very sorry for the problems you have encountered. Because of some issues with the first run of Dabbler's we have implemented an advanced replacement program where we take a deposit on a card and send out a replacement battery with a postage paid return envelope to send back the defective battery. This prevents you from having to pay to get your dabbler replaced. JD please check your email for a coupon for $10 off a new heater to help compensate you for having to pay to ship your dabbler back to Vaporbrothers.


Vaporbrothers - The Dabbler by Vape-Pen Vapororizer Warranty

• Battery Warranty - 1 Year* (No cost, free shipping in the U.S. up to 90 days.)

• Heater Warranty - 90 Days or until used (No cost, free shipping in the U.S.)

• All Other Parts except glassware - 90 Days (No cost, free shipping in the U.S.)

* - 1 year from date of original purchase. Replacement does not extend this time period.

Dabbler battery is backed by a 1 year warranty. All other parts are covered for 90 days. Warranty applies to factory defects only. No used parts are covered by the warranty except the battery. If you believe you have a defective product, please contact Vaporbrothers directly.

Please note: for warranty issues outside the U.S., VaporWarehouse is not covering shipping costs to replace the Dabbler.

Before first use, fully charge the Dabbler battery. Once charged test Dabbler heater without oils.