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Vaporbrothers Eleven Vape Pen - VB11 Trio

Vaporbrothers VB11 Vape Pen EVOD Edition
  • Vaporbrothers VB11 Vape Pen EVOD Edition
  • Vaporbrothers Eleven Vape Pen - VB11 Trio - 9301-03-01-004
  • Single and Dual Coil Ceramic Cores and Single Coil Quartz Skillet Heaters
  • 2016 Vaporbrothers VB11 Passthrough Battery
  • Vaporbrothers Eleven Vape Pen - VB11 Trio - 9301-03-01-004
  • 2016 Vaporbrother VB11 Battery and Atomizer Cartridge
  • Vaporbrothers Eleven Vape Pen - VB11 Trio - 9301-03-01-004
  • Vaporbrothers Eleven Vape Pen - VB11 Trio - 9301-03-01-004
The VB Eleven Trio features three skillets: single coil ceramic core, dual coil ceramic core, & single coil quartz heaters.
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Features 3 Skillet Heaters: Single & Dual Coil Ceramic/Single Coil Quartz
• Hole in Cone for improved airflow
• Power Level Light Indicator
• Soft Grip Finish
• 650 mah Battery Base with Passthrough Charger
• Zipper Case holds extra attachments
• 510 Threads
• Limited Lifetime Battery Warranty

Oils/Wax only, Not for dry leaf

Vaporbrothers VB Eleven Trio Vape Pen

This power pack features 3 different skillet heaters: single & dual coil ceramic core plus one single coil quartz heater.

The single coil ceramic core heater features a titanium alloy coil wrapped around a hollow ceramic rod. The heat chamber has a shallow ceramic dish. The single coil ceramic falls in the middle for cloud output of the three included heaters.

The dual coil ceramic core heater features a two titanium alloy coils wrapped around two hollow ceramic rods. This skillet has a deep ceramic chamber that can hold more wax. The dual coils provide the largest cloud output of the three included heaters.

The single coil quartz heater features a single titanium alloy coils wrapped around a hollow quartz rod. This skillet has a deep quartz chamber that can hold more wax. The quartz skillet provides the lowest temp of the three included heaters.

VB Eleven Pen Vaporizer by Vaporbrothers

The VB Eleven Pen (VB11) by Vaporbrothers is a compact, convenient, and efficient portable vaporizer for concentrates and extracts only (not for dry leaf). Optional tanks are available for using the battery with juice and liquid.

The all new 2016 model features an EVOD battery with power level button light indicators. White = Full charge, Blue = low charge, Red = recharge. Plus two new colors (Fog & Ocean) with a soft grip finish like the previous black model.

The cone features a hole in the side that increases the airflow and circulation inside the heater cartridge.

The battery base houses a non-replaceable 650 mah lithium battery. The base is compatible with most 510 thread adapters. Features a passthrough micro-usb charging port with micro usb cord to allow you to use the pen while charging.

After receiving customer feedback, the VB Eleven now ships in a zipper case that allows room for glass attachments (sold separately).

A note from VaporWarehouse about these style batteries and skillets:

Lithium batteries only have a limited number of charges before they become unusable.

The skillets are a consumable item and will need to be frequently replaced. For best performance and flavor, VaporWarehouse recommends replacing the skillet once a month.

This is not exclusive to the VB11 battery but almost every brand pen on the market using a non-replaceable lithium battery and this style skillet.

Download the Vaporbrothers VB Eleven Vape Pen Instruction Manual.



1 - Carefully load the skillet heater - Load VB Eleven by scraping a small amount of material onto the edge of the heater bowl using a glass or metal tool. Beware of accidental contact between the metal tool and the coil while it is energized.
2 - Unlock the battery - Unlock the battery by consecutively pressing the button 5 times. Once unlocked the button light should glow when pressed.
3 - Press button and inhale - If the button is pressed for longer than 10 seconds, the light will flash 8 times and the battery will disable for 3 seconds to prevent overheating.
4 - Repeat step 3 as needed
5 - Lock the battery
- Lock the battery by consecutively pressing the button 5 times. Once locked the button light will not glow when pressed.


White Light = 60% - 100% *
Blue Light = 30% - 60%*
Red Light = 20% - 30%*

The VB Eleven Pen has a battery charge level indication feature found in the button light. As the battery charge drains the LED light will change colors to indicate the battery charge level.

When the VB Eleven battery charge drops below 20% the battery enters protection mode and will disable. The button light will continuously flash when pressed indicating the battery needs to be charged. Use the provided micro USB cord to charge the battery.

* Listed battery charge level indications are approximate values and may vary per battery.


Cleaning the Heater Skillet:

The best way to clean the skillet is to use the heater like a self cleaning oven. Try to burn off any remaining residue by tilting the battery base upside down (usb port up) and pressing the button until it flashes. Repeat as needed.

You can also repeatedly dunk the skillet upside down in a small pool of iso alcohol (use only 91% or higher). Let the alcohol evaporate completely, then attach the heater to the battery and heat the coil to burn off any remaining iso.

Cleaning Threads & Contacts:

Dirty threads or contacts can damage or prevent the pen from working properly.

To prevent alcohol from running off into the electronics when cleaning the battery base, turn the battery upside down (usb port up).

Use iso alcohol (91% or higher recommended) and a cotton swab to clean the threads on the skillet, battery base, cone, plus contacts on the battery base and heater.

Protect the Pen from Damage:

If you are planning on carrying your vapor pen in your pocket or purse, always use the provided case to prevent damaging the pen and voiding the warranty.


To prevent damage to the battery, do not attempt to use e-juice or liquid with the included skillet heater. Optional 510 thread tanks are available for the VB Eleven pen to use e-juice or liquid.


• Skillets are consumable and will need to be replaced frequently. For best performance and taste we recommend replacing the skillet heater once a month.

• Use care to not apply pressure to the coil when loading the wax as this may damage the heater.

• If your material is thick enough, use your fingers to roll into a bb sized ball and lightly place it on top of the coil. Use the heat from the coil to melt the material into the skillet chamber.

• Overloading the skillet may result in leaking or damage to the heater or the battery.

• Accidental contact of the metal tool to the coil while it is energized will cause an instant electrical short and damage to the heater.

• To prevent accidental discharge, we recommend locking the battery when not in use.

• If using optional accessories make sure they are compatible 510 thread attachments only.

1 - EVOD Battery 650 mAh with Micro USB Port

1 - Shallow Chamber Single Coil Ceramic Core Skillet

1 - Deep Chamber Dual Coil Ceramic Core Skillet

1 - Deep Chamber Single Coil Quartz Skillet

1 - Shallow Chamber Cone

1 - Deep Chamber Cone

2 - Metal Mouthpieces

1 - 30" Micro USB Cord Adapter

1 - Zipper Case


Vaporbrothers, Inc. makes every effort to assure that our products meet high standards, and warrants to the purchaser that the Dabbler or VB Eleven Pen is free from defects in materials and workmanship. Vaporbrothers will replace any defective Dabbler or VB Eleven component or accessory, provided the customer returns the product to us and gives us an opportunity to verify the defect by inspection. Vaporbrothers is not responsible for damage caused by misuse or abuse. Please note we are continually improving our warranty, so the terms may change without notice.


Battery: Limited Lifetime replacement for electronic defects. Return shipping to customer is free for the first 90 days after purchase within the U.S.A. After 90 days from original purchase date there is a $14 replacement fee. Applies to date of original purchase. Proof of purchase required.

Heater: 30 day replacement for defects on unused heaters only. We replace heaters that fail out of the box only. Heaters containing oils cannot be accepted for replacement. Return shipping to customer is free within the U.S.A.

All other components: (except accessory glassware): 30 days replacement for defects. Return shipping to customer is free within the U.S.A. Please report any problems in the first 3 days after receiving order.

Proof of purchase is required. The terms above are expressed in time from the original purchase date. Replacement of a defective part does not extend the warranty period.

Additional terms: Shipping outside the U.S.A. will be an additional charge and customer is responsible for all postage costs.


If you believe your VB Eleven Pen is not working correctly, please check to ensure that the pen is not locked or that the source of the problem isn’t something else, such as a broken usb adapter or charger.

In the event the Dabbler or VB Eleven Pen is defective, please contact VaporWarehouse or call (855) 398-2767.

No registration, serial number, or RMA is required from you to use this warranty. Just let us know what you think is the problem and we will give you instructions on how to get the defective part replaced as soon as possible.

Purchases made directly through Vaporbrothers.com or VaporWarehouse do not require proof of purchase as we can access order details.

Please note that as of 12/17/2014, all warranty replacements handled through VaporWarehouse will receive a Vaporbrothers VB Eleven Battery as the Dabbler battery has been discontinued.

Due to changes and/or updates, the battery will be replaced with the current VB Eleven model. The replacement battery will be new or equivalent to new in both performance and reliability. In the event the battery couldn't be repaired or replaced with a refurbished, equivalent model, then you would be supplied with the nearest equivalent model.

Vaporbrothers® is a registered trademark of Vaporbrothers, Inc. and is used with kind permission.

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