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VB Eleven Skillet Cartridge - 3 Piece Heater, Cone, Mouthpiece - Single Coil Ceramic (For VB11) New Upgraded Version

Single Coil Ceramic Core Skillet Heater for Vaporbrother VB11 Vape Pen
New upgraded version of our VB11 Heater. Heater coil set at the bottom of a deep ceramic bowl. Loads easier and has better threads that match our Dual and Quartz heaters.
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Made by Vaporbrothers
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• Hole in the Cone for improved airflow
• Single Coil, Ceramic Core
• Titanium Alloy Coils
• Deep Chamber
• Fits EGO/EVOD batteries
• 510 Threads


Now updated with a deeper bowl and upgraded threads!

See our "OG Version" if you would like the old version sold in 2020 and before.

This heater uses the same bowl style and threads as our Dual and Quartz heaters, so they are now all compatible.

The VB heater is compatible with most 510 thread batteries, including the VB11 and Dabbler batteries. It features titanium coils and a ceramic core.

The cone features a hole for improved airflow.

With the ceramic core option, the wick is replaced with a porous ceramic rod. Due to the porous design of this ceramic core it may not look as sleek as some other ceramic cores. But don't be fooled as this ceramic rod does a much better job of wicking the oil.

These 2 ohm skillets were designed for use with a 3.7v battery. If using a variable voltage battery, higher voltage may shorten the life of the skillet.

Please note that skillet heaters for any style vapor pen are consumable items and will need to be replaced frequently. Use extra care when loading or cleaning the skillet. Wether it is made from titanium or nichrome, the coil is the weak link. Always avoid touching or putting any pressure on the coil.

1 - Skillet Heater

1 - Cone

1 - Metal Mouthpiece

Please test heater before loading for the first time. Once a heater is loaded, it will not be replaced for any reason.