What's the Deal with VaporDollars?

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Besides 5% of every purchase going back to you as Vapordollars to use for future purchases, you can earn Vapordollar points for performing other fun activities online! 

Check it out:

  • Earn 10 points just for creating an account that will ultimately be your portal in managing said Vapordollars!  Be logged in to your account while performing the other activities listed here:
  • Earn 40 points for submitting a review ($2 value)! Limited to one review per day for point accumulation. Of course you can submit multiple reviews everyday you just won't get 40 points each, only for the first one that same day. We have authority to limit the number of reviews submitted if abuse is suspected and no purchase history available for items being reviewed.
  • Earn 1 point for commenting on a blog post.  Do it right now!  Let's try it on this blog post below!
  • Earn 1 point for each of the following social actions (limited to once per day per action):  Liking us on Facebook, Sharing us on Facebook, Sharing us on Twitter, Pinning us on Pinterest.

For full disclosure the VB2 and Storz & Bickel items don't earn points, too bad so sad. However, everything else does!  Vapordollars become live 30 days after purchase, not redeemable for cash and don't expire as long as we are around.  If you want to read more nitty gritty Vapordollar fine print, click here.  

Happy Shopping! 

~Vapor Rae~  
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Frequently Asked VaporDollar Questions

How do I figure out what my Vapordollars equates to in cold hard cash?  
Some maths:    # of Vapordollar points   x   .05   =   $ Amount worth in USD

Where I can see how many VaporDollars I have?
Log in to your Account, choose My Account, scroll down to Rewards Detail.

Can I pretty please redeem my VaporDollars before the 30 day pending term?
Unfortunately, no.  Our system does not allow us to manage points this way.

So you're telling me I get 5% VaporDollar rewards AND free shipping for orders over $25?
Yes, yes I'm telling you that!

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