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Easy Valve XL Replacement Set for Storz & Bickel Volcano

Volcano Vaporizer XL Easy Valve Replacement Set comes with 6 pre-made Volcano bags and mouthpieces for your Volcano Vaporizer. The XL bag size is approximately 3 feet/90 cm.
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Made by Storz Bickel
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If what you want is out of stock, consider this economical Volcano Bag Alternative system and replacement bags. Volcano supplies have been backordered long term with no word from the factory when they will be back online.

The EASY VALVE XL Replacement Set includes 6 ready-to-use EASY VALVE balloons for the application with the EASY VALVE filling chamber.

Delivery includes:
6 pcs. EASY VALVE XL balloon with mouthpiece (length approx. 3 feet/90 cm).

Please note:

The EASY VALVE filling chamber is not included in this set. The EASY VALVE XL balloons can only be used with the EASY VALVE filling chamber.

Works with Easy Valve sets only, does not work with Solid Valves.

6 - EASY VALVE XL balloons with mouthpiece (length approx. 3 feet/90 cm).

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