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Vaporbrothers Glass Globe Heater

The Vaporbrothers Glass Globe Heater works with 3.7v, 510 thread vape pen batteries. Features borosilicate glass, and titanium nail heater with a ceramic core.
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Made by Vaporbrothers
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• Wickless Ceramic Core
• Titanium Coil
• Borosilicate Glass
• 510 Thread

This glass globe heater heater attachment is great for viewing vapor. The replaceable skillet features a glass fiber wick that won't burn when run dry.

No carb hole. Thick glass, quite durable for glass.

Works with most 510 thread vaporizer pens.

Tip: Keep the internal vent in the nail heater open. When it clogs, pull air focefully through pen while holding it upside-down and pushing the button for 7 seconds at a time.

1 - Glass Globe Cover

1 - 510 Thread Heater Base

1 - Ceramic Core, Titanium Coil Nail

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Replacement for DOA heats only. Please test heater before filling with any substance. No replacement will be offered after heater is filled, even if it only last 10 minutes.

Glass replaced only if received damaged. No replacement for glass after first use.

Overall Customer Rating of 4.66 out of 5 in 8 Reviews

Things to consider

The nail heaters are nice an small and also cheaper compared to the normal vaporbrothers skillet cartridge. This product is made from thick enough glass for its application its not thin. One thing I noticed even thought mine arrived with the glass chipped at the the top near the hole. Even with a bigger hole now I still found it hard to pull through like pulling a thick milkshake through a straw. This may suit others just fine but if your looking for something easy to pull through try elsewhere.

Glass Globe

<p>The hit was way more milkier when using the glass globe compared to regular mouth piece.</p><p>The only draw back was how fragile the glass was, the globe ended getting crushed in my bag by accident. But the oven with rubber stopper can be easily used on a down stem of any water pipe. I still use this product and i got it about 2 years ago very reliable.</p>


High quality, low price


I've tried multiple atomizers in the last few years and this is my favorite. I feel confident I am only inhaling what I put on the coil. Simple, tough, and makes smooth vapor

Best globe on the market!


This is the best globe you can get. I get smooth thick flavorful hits off of it. I was worried about the glass being thin but it's actually very thick. I dropped my first globe on my garage floor and it cracked (I use it as my back up now) but it still works with no leaks. I like that they chose to go all glass instead of putting a cheap plastic mouth piece too. The titanium coils have consistently lasted me about a month each with daily use. This is a high quality globe at a great price especially compared to more expensive yet lower quality globes.


nice touch


its perfect with a mini battery because its so small, but it is more fragile than a plastic/metal mouth piece. for indoor use