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DSC: Vaped Glass Globe Attachment Kit

The Vaped Vaporizer Glass Globe attachment kit, includes one glass and four nails.
Price: $39.99

Made by Vaped
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Vaped Vaporizer - Glass Globe Kit

The Vaped Vaporizer Glass Globe attachment is a great way to vaporizer oils with a pen vape. Includes four ceramic nail heaters.

Designed for use with the Vaped Pen Vaporizer or the Micro Vaped Pen. Features 510 threads, however Vaped recommends using the Globe only with their vaporizers. Use with other brands may void warranty coverage.

Use care if placing the Micro Vaped Vaporizer with Glass Globe in your pocket as the Globe is made of glass.

Please note: the Vaped Glass Globe is for oils and waxes only, not dry leaf.
1 - Vaped Glass Globe Attachment
4 - Ceramic Nail Heater

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