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Treehouse Pen Percolator

Cool your vapor with this vape pen bubbler by Treehouse Glass for Vaporbrothers. Includes 510 thread, titanium/ceramic vape pen nail heater and base.
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Made by Vaporbrothers
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• Water attachment for vapor pens
• Multiple diffusion barrels
• Custom blown in the U.S.A.
• Bonus: 510 Thread Heater Base with Nail

Vaporbrothers collaborated with Treehouse Glass to produce this beautiful bubbler that fits the heater base of most pen vaporizer globes and tubes.

A circular set of barrel tubes provide intense diffusion to cool the vapor.

Requires a 510 thread battery base or any other battery base with a globe heater attachment.

1 - Treehouse Glass Bubbler
1 - Bonus: 510 Thread Heater Base with Nail

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Overall Customer Rating of 4.66 out of 5 in 4 Reviews



Small, efficient perc - really cools things down.
COOL: The perc mechanism looks like a jellyfish!
NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: It doesn't work well on an angle, so you have to hold it pretty much upright and bend your head to it. Something about this position makes a lot of people drool, and it would be way more comfortable to use if Treehouse added a bend to the mouthpiece, so the pen/ perc could be upright but you wouldn't have to lean forward.

Love this piece, though. Very easy to travel with (but not real stealthy in use).




The attachment is perfect for the pen. It makes it so Much smoother. I did notice you have to have the right amount of water an also not to much oils..it pulls really hard if you add to much..once I got it figured out it worked awesome...love how it looks an feels. I use it daily:)

Also want to say thanks to the chick that works there, she was wicked nice an hooked it up because I was missing a peice in the kit. Thanks for all the help an il always come to you guys when I need parts thanks again! So pumped I got my whole set up:)

Love this pen!


The Design of this attachment is amazing. As the other review stated you can lay it on its side and it won't spill out. The taste that the water filtration adds to your vaping is top notch. I would recommend this to anyone out there thinking about it. As for cleaning it as long as you don't let any gunk build up then it should be pretty easy to routinely rinse it out with some warm iso. This pen changed the vaping game.


Killer Attachment


I purchased this Treehouse percolator for my brand new Dabbler pen, and honestly I've never had a piece of glass I like this much. Dab pens are uncommon around here as is, let alone a pen with a water attachment.

(I ordered the electric blue style, and upon arrival realized that there are small glitters and a spiral visible in the dark blue, something I was not expecting. I would now prefer the Siberia blue style, the sky blue would go well with the Treehouse branding, and I'm not big on the gaudy sparkle of the electric blue. Cool nonetheless, of course).

The glass itself is a tree style percolator with 8 stems. You will never have to worry about the water inside threatening your skillet or battery thanks to an ingenious curve on the glass through the entire line of the piece. I even hit mine laying down, and also rest the entire pen and perc sideways on the table; I've never had any water spill or leak.

Any dab residue can be easily cleaned by agitating isopropyl alcohol within the glass, and this evaporates dry quickly.

Mine came with the skillet used on the Vapor Brothers Titanium Globe, and this works well, however I am buying the actual Dabbler glass tube heaters as replacements and spares for travel.

All in all, a fantastic piece. I'm very happy with my order, and will likely order a second Dabbler and the Siberia Blue version of this percolator in another paycheck or two. This pen was rated #1 in a High Times article about vape pens in 2014, and it's easy to see why.