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Which subscription level is right for you?

Every 3 Weeks - Heavy to Moderate vaper.   Filling nail heater 3-5x/week.

Every 6 Weeks - Occasional vaper. Filling nail heater 1-3x/week.

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Vape pen nail heaters used with a glass globe, tube or other fun vape pen accessories (like the VB Mini Viper) are considered a consumable part and should be swapped out once in a while.  The appropriate time to renew your heater will vary based on frequency of use and type of product used.  The highest quality wax/thick oil your budget allows is the way to go.  Product should be free from plant material to avoid combustion on the coil (you will see ash on the coil when this happens).  Never go digging around in the skillet chamber to clean out product, the coil will come unseated! 

If you must clear out product from skillet: take off cone and mouthpiece from assembled pen, turn upside down, and max out battery a few times using it as a self-cleaning oven.  Product will drip out of skillet.  Voila!

This listing is for Replacement Nail Heaters only.  

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