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Vape Pen Nail Heater (For VB11 and Mini Viper)

Replacement Nail Heaters are for Glass Tube and Glass Globe heater replacement. Available in ceramic or glass wick core & titanium or nichrome wire. Don’t forget to replace vape pen heaters often.

Purchase 5 or more and save $.50/heater!

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• Replacement nails for glass globe and tube heaters.
• Choose from titanium alloy or nichrome coils, ceramic core or glass fiber wicks.

Suggested to use with Vaporbrothers Globe Heater

• Purchase 5 or more and save $.50 per nail!

Replacement nails for glass globe/tube vapor pen heaters. Available in a variety of styles including titanium alloy coils and ceramic core. Requires heater base and battery base (each sold separately).

For the Metal Case model, the ceramic dish is encased in a metal case and the coil is set down lower.

Choose from:
• Titanium Alloy Coil/Ceramic Core
• Titanium Alloy Coil/Glass Fiber Wick
• Metal Cased Ceramic Dish with Titanium Alloy Coil/Ceramic Core
• NiChrome Coil/Glass Fiber Wick

1 - Nail Heater

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Replacement for DOA heats only. Please test heater before filling with any substance. No replacement will be offered after heater is filled, even if it only last 10 minutes.

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hits alittle better than the larger skillet