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DSC: Omicron/O-Phos Extract Cartridges 1.5 ohm

Price: $50.00

Made by UP Tech
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W9Tech Vaporizer Extract Cartridge 5 pack - 1.5 ohm

These Persei, Omicron, Omicron v2 and O-PHOS cartridges are designed specifically for thick oils or any extract that is thick or solid at room temperature, but melts to a thick liquid with heat. They will only fit on the Persei, Omicron, Omicron v2 and O-PHOS vaporizers and are incompatible with any other ecig battery.

• 5 pieces per pack
• Stainless Steel Construction
• 400 Plus Doses Per cartridge (One Time Fill)
• No cotton inside, no need for VG or PG
• Only used with thick non runny liquid (stable Oils and Almost Stable)
• No Refunds or Exchanges
• These cartridges are shipped empty
• Price is for 4 cartridges + 1 Free cartridge
• Must store item between 10C - 27C

Warning this cartridge works hotter than the 2.4 ohm cartridges, and are recommended for experienced users.


5 - 1.5 ohm extract oil vaporizer cartridges

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