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Cosmic Case Grinder - Small Triple Chamber

This Small Triple Chamber Cosmic Case Grinder features a drop through chamber with screen for pollen collection and is available in assorted colors. Made in the U.S.A.
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Made by Cosmic Case Grinders
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• Unique shredding teeth that are super strong
• Heavy Duty Magnet for an ensured grip
• Medical Grade Anodized Aluminium technology 
• Mesh screen chamber for pollen catching (non-replaceable)
• NO Lead, NO Toxins
• From the original makers of the Space Case Grinder
• Proudly Made in the U.S.A. - Not China
• Small measures approx: 2 1/8"W x 2"

Cosmic Case Grinder - Triple Chamber Shredder - Small

Cosmic Case small single chamber grinders are available in two styles: Classic Polish (not anodized) and Anodized Colors. Both styles are made from medical grade aluminium and feature super strong magnets and heavy duty shredding blades. The triple chamber has a non-replaceable mesh screen for sifting pollen.

The Cosmic Case Anodized Color Grinders are made from alum alloy with a delrin glide ring and neodymium magnet. Finger print and scratch resistant, these grinders will look sharp for years to come. 

Overall Customer Rating of 4.65 out of 5 in 2 Reviews

Wonderful if you can afford it


I've had two grinders before this, one a cheap wooden one and another a $8 3 triple chamber aluminum grinder from Amazon. You can immediately tell the difference just holding this grinder compared especially to the $8 one. The teeth seem much much sharper and they look more permanent. However obviously this is a pretty big jump compared to the cheaper grinders you can get. My only way of justifying it is that the manufacturer tells you that these grinders are free from any of the less desirable stuff you get with the cheaper models. So if you're switching to vaping for health reasons then you might consider grabbing one of these at the same time. The small size is definitely adequate enough for me. I also love the magnets

great small grinder

  • quality
  • %20compact
Quality machined grinder, strong magnet. Perfect for a few bowls or a nice-sized doobie. Hold upside down while grinding to achieve a finer grind.