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Cosmic Case Grinder - Mini Two Piece

A huge step up from the acrylic grinders, this Made in the U.S.A. grinder is crafted from medical grade aluminum and features a Neodymium magnet.
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Made by Cosmic Case Grinders
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• Unique shredding teeth that are super strong
• Heavy Duty Magnet for an ensured grip
• Medical Grade Anodized Aluminium technology 
• Proudly Made in the U.S.A. - Not China
• NO Lead, NO Toxins
• From the original makers of the Space Case Grinder
• Measures approx. 1 5/8"W

Cosmic Case Grinder - Single Chamber Shredder - Mini

Cosmic Case mini single chamber grinders are available in two styles: Classic Polish (not anodized) and Anodized Colors. Both styles are made from medical grade aluminium and feature super strong magnets and heavy duty shredding blades.

The Cosmic Case Anodized Color Grinders are made from alum alloy with a delrin glide ring and neodymium magnet. Finger print and scratch resistant, these grinders will look sharp for years to come. 

This mini 2 piece grinder perfectly compliments any Vaporbrothers Vaporizer Whip allowing you to grind just the right amount for a single vapor session.

Overall Customer Rating of 4.66 out of 5 in 11 Reviews

Nice, but needs one improvement...


Nice little grinder. It is well constructed and is heavier than you would expect. It looks and feels like a quality product. The ground product is medium/fine.

My only issue is that the bottom half of the grinder is completely smooth. The upper half has a ridged segment that aids in maintaining a firm grip while grinding, but the lower half does not. This has caused some difficulty in using the grinder when attempting to grind some larger products. I would advise that large pieces be broken down, otherwise the grinder can be almost impossible to turn.

Last forever


Pros: Super sharp and last forever and is very compact for travel

Cons: Nothing

Cosmic crusher

If your gonna vape you need a grinder to get the most efficiency.

Pros: Great grinder, easy to clean and grinds to perfect consitency

Cons: None. It is what it is.


My favorite grinder so far

Pros: It can grind to much better than other that I have tried so far. Used it for 1 year and still works like a charm

Cons: very small break in period when I would grind aromatherapy products I noticed the aluminum between the pieces would create friction and end up with tiny pieces of aluminum that are very easy to detect but after a while this does not happen

Solid grinder.


Pros: Solid, hefty, quality item. Blades are still sharp after a lot of tough use. I had some hesitations about what size to get, but the small size is plenty big for most, if not all, situations.

Cons: Nothing major, every now and then, it can get quite stuck, requiring cleaning. A three level would solve this since there's less buildup of small particles, but if you want to save some $, it's a reasonable sacrifice.