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Hands Free Vaporbrothers Whip® - 16mm KNOBBY Reviews
Review Summary (9 reviews): (Avg: 4.6)

Very Bad


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5/5 Vaporizer Review
One is often not enought

Reviewed By C.K. CO

Pros: Better than non-Knobby whips! Why? Same reason as another reviewer gave: the knobs are cool to the touch whereas a non-Knobby whip is hot to the touch. This is my second Knobby whip. The first has green knobs and is my evening whip. This new one has red knobs and is my daytime whip.

Cons: Nothing bad. Hands-free whips are a bit spendy, no? But this one is no more expensive than the others, and is noticeably better than the others.

Other Thoughts: The Fumed and Fritted whips may have a sexier shape than the regular whips, but your fingers will like this one better. Trust me, I'm a professional, and I have two of these things.
5/5 Vaporizer Review
form & function

Reviewed By Alexandra H. TX

Pros: never drop another whip again!

Cons: choice of colors is limited

5/5 Vaporizer Review
great whip

Reviewed By C. Addington PA

Pros: this whip is very sturdy and I love the colors gets the job done!

Cons: this has no bad things or downsides I can think off

5/5 Vaporizer Review
love the color changes

Reviewed By s.j. national park, NJ

Pros: looks awsome

Cons: nothing its from vaporbrothers man

Other Thoughts: is now my favorite whip,
5/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By J.M. Omaha, NE

Pros: I love stuff with dots or any kind of grid pattern. My vaporizer whip now has DOTS. OMG. It's like they made this thing for me ! It is so amazing to look at. The glass itself has wisps of psychedelic-looking lime green and red, while the knobs are kind of a blurpley-orangey mush that take special attention to figure out.

Cons: Nothing bad about this product, BUT...

Other Thoughts: Buuuuuut... Now i want an EZ-Change WITH KNOBS ! O M G !
4/5 Vaporizer Review
Broken whip replacement

Reviewed By Sara S. FL

Pros: Looks neat, knobs don't get hot, good craftsmanship (knobs are spaced evenly and are uniform in size).

Cons: Can't choose the color - mine is like the picture, but with green knobs. I have to say, my last choice would have been green.

Other Thoughts: If you collect honey, the knobby whip's shape is probably the best of the "fancy" whips. It's worth considering spending the same amount of $ on the EZ change whip.
4/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By K.C. CA

Pros: Protects you from hot glass.

Cons: Pricey and screen difficult to replace.

5/5 Vaporizer Review
If I were to get whipped with a knob, I'd be upset. However, were it this knob..it'd be okay.

Reviewed By R. Thomas Boulder, CO

Pros: Everything about this piece is sick; the color schematic, the knob's all around the neck. It's pretty cool.

Cons: I can't say what I'm about to ay in the bad section, so I'll say it in the "Other Thoughts" sections

Other Thoughts: The only shitty thing about this has absolutely nothing to do about the whip itself, but rather the circumstances surrounding its demise. My friend and I were driving to Providence, RI and my vap was in it's usual, discrete spot (in my center console, ofcourse). Justin forgot to bring his brain with him form Warwick that day, and managed to slam the center console top onto the whip, shattering the entire thing. However, the coil remained resilient, which was nice. However, in looking back, that was still one of the sadder "broken piece" stories I can recall...
4/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By M. Patterson WV

Pros: Really great... better than the straight clear the knobs don't heat as much.

Cons: The wait for it to get here.