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H2O Adapter - Vaporbrothers® Stopper Reviews
Review Summary (12 reviews): (Avg: 3.9)

Very Bad


Most Helpful Reviews
4/5 Vaporizer Review
Useful in a pinch

Reviewed By Q.W. Bowling Green, KY

Pros: It can connect your vaporizer to virtually any water pipe. You may not think you need it for your own but you will end up using it with a friends.

Cons: I would prefer a way to make a glass on glass connection but you cant have everything.

5/5 Vaporizer Review
h2o stopper

Reviewed By S. Ward MI

Pros: works great!

Cons: none

4/5 Vaporizer Review
Fits in all your Holes!

Reviewed By c.y. MD

Pros: its a must have if you purchase the 9mm stem but works well.

Cons: it doesn't grant wishes.

5/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By A.K. Gulfport, FL

Pros: Does the job. These things work great, I wasn't sure the size of my stem so I got one of these and I did end up needing it. Glad I wasn't waiting cause I wanted to save $2.

Cons: None

5/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By J. Clinton South Daytona, FL

Pros: Works

Cons: No Bad

3/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By J.G. Bohemia, NY

Pros: It does what it is intended to do.

Cons: I'm not sure this is really needed, I don't really use it much anymore but maybe it's because of my setup.

4/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By Elpidio S. Brooklyn, NY

Pros: Works great! fits on all my waterpipes.

Cons: Comes out sometimes from the water pipe and need to push down.

Other Thoughts: more colors!
4/5 Vaporizer Review
Does what it says.

Reviewed By KY420

Pros: I picked this up to adapt my whip to a handheld bubbler. It fit nicely.

Cons: Not a perfect fit, but it is a one-size fits all thing. Nothing affecting how it works.

Other Thoughts: If you need an H20 adaptor that is a different size than the glass adapters, you need this.
4/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By L. Poucher Kingston, N/A

Pros: Does what it's supposed to.

Cons: Gobbledigook.

3/5 Vaporizer Review
I was surprised

Reviewed By J. Oh Granger, IN

Pros: It looks like it could plug in a 14.5 mm and up perfectly fine.

Cons: The adapter was too big on my water pipes which are the small ones cheap ones but I was really disjointedness.

Other Thoughts: Get this if you have a 14.5 mm joint sizes and up.
4/5 Vaporizer Review
As needed

Reviewed By M.C. Vernon, CT

Pros: Works well.

Cons: None.

Other Thoughts: Nope!!
2/5 Vaporizer Review
h20 adapter

Reviewed By B.H. NJ

Pros: good for a backup just in case my glass one breaks or i lose it.

Cons: its pretty loose in a 18mm joint