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H2O Adapter - Vaporbrothers® Standard 9-12mm Reviews
Review Summary (26 reviews): (Avg: 4.3)

Very Bad


Most Helpful Reviews
5/5 Vaporizer Review
Good Craftsmanship!

Reviewed By francisco g. San Diego, CA

Pros: Works with all hoses and easy to use. Works with all my glass hardware and gets the job done.

Cons: The black plastic can be easily lost, watch out!

5/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By L.S. St. Louis, MO

Pros: Great attachment! Does what it should!

Cons: No complaints!

Other Thoughts: Excellent addition to the vape! Allows you to use a water based attachment. Can't go wrong with that combo!
5/5 Vaporizer Review
h20 adapter

Reviewed By S. Ward MI

Pros: works great to connect my vaporizer to my hydrator

Cons: none

4/5 Vaporizer Review
Fun to try

Reviewed By c.y. MD

Pros: Along with the stopper it fits in many sizes of water devices.

Cons: the stopper should probably come with it or at least be part of the deal.

Other Thoughts: When attached to a water device makes the vape much more cooling and soothing, like breathing in fresh morning mist.
5/5 Vaporizer Review
Just perfect

Reviewed By J.T. AR

Pros: Snug fit and great all around.

Cons: none so far

5/5 Vaporizer Review
Water Adapter

Reviewed By M.B. CA

Pros: Vaping through a water piece is soooo much fun!

Cons: none

5/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By J. Clinton South Daytona, FL

Pros: fits most brands

Cons: simple in form and function

5/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By J.F. New Orleans, LA

Pros: Great!

Cons: n/a

Other Thoughts: Make sure to work with VW customer service if you don't know what size you need. They are very knowledgable and helpful.
5/5 Vaporizer Review
Works great

Reviewed By J.G. Bohemia, NY

Pros: This works great.

Cons: There isn't anything bad about this and it does work.

Other Thoughts: I'm not sure any adapters are ever needed, I put the mouthpiece of my whip to my water pipe and that by itself makes a good connection. This might just be my setup though and some people might need this and if they do..it will work perfectly.
5/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By Elpidio S. Brooklyn, NY

Pros: love it cant ask for anything more :]

Cons: Noting at all.

3/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By Chad C. McPherson, KS

Pros: pretty sweet item, lets you pull vapors through your favorite water pipes!

Cons: not good for large water pipes.

4/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By John V. Bloomingdale, IL

Pros: I love the idea of it.

Cons: The adapter was just barely too small to work properly with my hydrator.

Other Thoughts: Possibly I could get a thicker rubber ring, but I think I'm switching to the miniwhip anyway.
4/5 Vaporizer Review
Nice addition

Reviewed By C.S. CA

Pros: This is a great addition to your VB unit if you already have a water device. Nice cool vapor hits!

Cons: none really, you either have a use for it or you don't.

5/5 Vaporizer Review
Good Idea

Reviewed By M.C. Vernon, CT

Pros: Works great with a standard glass water pipe.

Cons: Makes it a little awkward, can be to much stuff. Requires attention...

Other Thoughts: I got nothing...
3/5 Vaporizer Review
h20 adapt

Reviewed By D. Hernandez los angeles, CA

Pros: its portable, n easy to put on. i also use it as a wouth pice sometimes. the vapor hits are good but are kinda hard to get.

Cons: with the v.b i have i cant get water pipe like hits unless i get a lung full of air to feel the vapor expanding. i want to experement with a bubbler

Other Thoughts: if u try it get a small water piece with little air ratio inside of it. and maybe cut the tubing in half to get less air n more vape. just a thought
5/5 Vaporizer Review
H2O Adapter - Vaporbrothers Standard 9-12mm

Reviewed By J.B. OH

Pros: A must have. I got a spare also.

Cons: No bad. Only good.

5/5 Vaporizer Review
Fits perfectly

Reviewed By J. Oh Granger, IN

Pros: It fits perfectly with the smaller joint holes and I like the adapter part which sort of clicks on.

Cons: I think it could be a bit more tougher.

4/5 Vaporizer Review
Vaped it through the grape vine.

Reviewed By K.L. UT

Pros: Great little addition to a perfect system of enjoying your aromatherapy product. Fits well and has pretty thick glass. Perfect for my water pipe. I can even clear the pipe to satisfy my habit of combusting.

Cons: Holds the hose in one place and might spin your whip and mess up your bowl. But that's just physics so There is nothing really to complain about. Just make sure the hose is in a good place before passing the water pipe around.

2/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By M.L. MA

Pros: Works OK with other toys

Cons: Needs more plastic to stop air flow

4/5 Vaporizer Review
works ok

Reviewed By S.S. Eugene, OR

Pros: the product was easy to use and easy to replace on the whip

Cons: the glass is a little thin and broke easily

5/5 Vaporizer Review
The Perfect Companion

Reviewed By J.G. VA

Pros: One of the things that made me hesitate buying a VB was effectively replacing my expensive kaos pipe. it had served me well over the years and i would hate to see it collect dust. this adapter made up my mind on getting the VB over the volcano. now i can still use my existing pipe with the VB, and have a truly amazing experience. with a water pipe connected the VB is even smoother than normal, and offers a definite improved experience.

Cons: none

Other Thoughts: If you have an existing water pipe, this is a must. if not,check out the h2o adapters here.
5/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By k.p. San Deigo, CA

Pros: Works great with water pipe

Cons: nothing

4/5 Vaporizer Review
excellent for connecting to waterpipe

Reviewed By M.B. Milton, MA

Pros: already have a waterpipe/bubbler? this is all you will likely to to connect it to your vap.

Cons: cost.

Other Thoughts: glassware is expensive, typically, and delicate. this particular item is easy to lose.
2/5 Vaporizer Review
Weak Glass

Reviewed By Rob M. Jensen Beach, FL

Pros: Gets the job done

Cons: Breaks easily

Other Thoughts: Thicker glass?
5/5 Vaporizer Review
Just what I needed.

Reviewed By J.M. Medford, OR

Pros: Does exactly what I wanted!

Cons: Nada.

4/5 Vaporizer Review
Don't let that water pipe collect dust.

Reviewed By Q.W. Bowling Green, KY

Pros: Want a smoother draw than you even knew possible. Look no further. The H2O adapter does what it is meant to do well.

Cons: Hard to get a good glass on glass connection like I would like. Can be complicated depending on your stem size.

Other Thoughts: It is a hassle to change this and the mouthpiece out every time. After awhile I never even noticed the difference and only use the adapter even when not using a water device.