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Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen

The Aurora vaporizer by Dr Dabber is their most advanced vape pen to date. Features 3 different atomizers with a thread free connector technology.
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Made by Dr. Dabber
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  • Snaptech Magnetics - No more threads equals quicker loads
  • Dual Coil Ceramic Core & Quartz Atomizers
  • Ceramic Halo Atomizer - No Coils
  • 3 Temp Variable Voltage Battery - 350 mAh
  • Magnetic Charger with Atomizer Storage

This Aurora Shines Brightly

The Aurora vaporizer is Dr. Dabber's best vape pen to date features snap tech magnetics that allow for quick easy loads and connections. The variable voltage battery has three temperatures along with 3 different atomizers to customize your vape experience.

Stop Twisting the Night Away

The Dr. Dabber Aurora vapor pen replaces the traditional threads found on other vapes with magnets. Their Snaptech Magnets makes connecting the battery base to the heater a snap. No more twisting off the cone to load the atomizer.

Three Way Heat System

The Dr. Dabber Aura vape pen includes a variable voltage battery base with 3 carefully calibrated temperatures to select from. Green indicates low heat, blue indicates medium heat, and pink indicates high heat. The battery base contains a non-replaceable, rechargeable 350 mAh lithium-ion battery.

Not only does the battery have three different temperature settings but the Aurora comes with three different skillet heaters allowing the user to customize their vapor experience. Select between dual coil quartz atomizer for lower viscosity wax or dual coil ceramic core atomizer for higher viscosity wax. Or go coil-free with the ceramic donut halo atomizer for thicker wax. All three heaters feature a deep quartz chamber.

Five Click Safety Feature

Click the button five times to turn off the battery & five times again to turn on the battery. This safety cutoff is employed so as to avoid the vaporizer pen from turning on when not in use.

Three Click Variable Heat

Click the button 3 times to change the heat setting.

  • Green indicates low heat.
  • Blue indicates medium heat.
  • Pink indicates high heat.
How to load your Dr Dabber Aurora
  1. Pull mouthpiece upwards to separate the airflow regulator from the heating chamber of your Aurora pen.
  2. Prepare your product and load directly onto the heating chamber (atomizer). Ensure direct contact is avoided between the loading tool and heating element coils.
  3. Once your product is properly loaded, reconnect airflow regulator to heating chamber. Ensure chamber is not overloaded as the can cause the product to fail and will not be covered under the warranty.
  4. Quickly press the button on the battery 5 times to turn the unit on. Then press and hold the button while inhaling to administer vapor.
Charging Your Dr Dabber Aurora
  • Connect USB cable to a universal USB outlet (not included).
  • Connect top of battery to the charging base.
  • Indicator light will change from red to green when finished charging.

1 - Variable Voltage 350 mAh Battery
1 - Dual Coil Ceramic Core Atomizer
1 - Dual Coil Quartz Atomizer
1 - Ceramic Halo Atomizer
1 - Vented Airflow Regulator Cone
1 - Barrel Ceramic Mouthpiece
1 - Fluted Ceramic Mouthpiece
1 - Magnetic Charging Base
1 - Metal Load Tool
1 - Dr Dabber Keychain
1 - Dr Dabber Silicone Container

Dr Dabber Aurora Warranty

The Dr. Dabber Aurora vaporizer unit is covered under a one year "No Questions Asked" warranty on the battery and USB charger only.

Atomizer warranty is void once used. Prior to loading for the first time, always test to make sure the skillet is heating. Dr. Dabber will not replace used heaters.

All warranty coverage is handled directly through Dr Dabber, not VaporWarehouse.

To activate your warranty, please register immediately after purchase with Dr Dabber at Dr.Dabber.com/Register