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At VaporWarehouse we have been following the Corona Virus closely since late January as friends and factories were affected. We have been taking precautions since then to protect ourselves and our packages. We are still shipping orders as long as we are able to get products but some supply chains have been affected. 

Here is what we are doing to protect ourselves and our customers:

  • We are down to a single man crew. There is only one person going into and out of the warehouse. Because of this we are not answering the phones or responding to voicemail. If you need to contact us please use our Contact Form
  • All incoming packages are left to sit for a minimum for 24 hours before opening
  • When dropping packages at the post office an un-manned drop box is used, masks are worn and hand sanitizer is applied after each drop. 
  • We are isolating at home and practicing 6' distancing from all outside individuals
  • Masks are worn and proper hand sanitation practices are performed whenever public interaction is required. 

We will do our best to continue to provide shipping services during these tough times. Please stay home as much as possible and take care of yourselves. Remember a strong immune system is your best defense, get plenty of sleep, sun, exercise, stress reduction(meditate) and eat well!