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DSC: Vaporbrothers Whip - Zach Puchowitz - Steampunk

Steampunk is old school Zach P and one of the first limited edition vaporizer whips he created for the Vaporbrothers artist series.
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Made by Vaporbrothers
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Vapor Brothers Artist Series -Zach Puchowitz - Steampunk

Working with world class glass blowers, Vaporbrothers has launched a new series of limited edition whips. Each whip in this series is a one of a kind piece of art that is as unique as the artist that created them. This is a true piece of art to elevate your vaporizing experience.

About the Artist: Zach Puchowitz

Hailing from Philadelphia, Zach Puchowitz is a renowned underground glassblower. Zach has a unique way of working with glass and creating characters that instantly capture your heart and imagination.

Due to the delicate nature of these whips, the Artist Series Whips are non-returnable.

Please Note: If your current whip has a red "HOT" emblem on it and attaches to the heating element, your vaporizer is a Hands Free model.

** Whip pictured is the whip for sale.

Vapor Brothers Hands Free Whips® are NOT compatible with the Easy Vape Digital, VaporWarez, VaporBox, VaporCannon, the VaporDoc Vaporizer, the Pure Vaporizer, Got Vape Aroma Classic Vaporizer, or the Vapor King Vaporizer.

Vaporbrothers Limited Edition Artist Series Vapor Whip - Zach Puchowitz - Steampunk

• One of a Kind, Custom Handblown Whip Handpiece with .75" screen
• One of a Kind, Custom Handblown Mouthpiece
• Class IV Medical Grade BPA free, DEHP free Hose

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